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Homage to fromage

July 10, 2016

Two mice are fighting over a piece of cheese high up on a building on the south-eastern corner of Philpot Lane could be London's smallest statute

The Churchill Clock

June 14, 2016

The face of Churchill can be found on the astronomical clock on the Cannon Street flank, facing St. Paul’s Cathedral

Angel delight

May 22, 2016

London was the choice of location and so somebody was tasked to seek out the appropriate 'properties' for the first Monopoly board

Smeed's Law

May 18, 2016

Professor Smeed devised a formula which advanced a theory of how London’s traffic would always travel at 9 miles per hour.

Curator's Lodge

April 19, 2016

Built in 1911 Curator's Lodge in Gough Square it is the smallest residential property in the City of London.

Boney's body parts

March 28, 2016

All cabbies know the location of Bonaparte’s nose but few realise that at Christie’s in 1972 another appendage was auctioned

Dying for a drink

March 9, 2016

The next time you find yourself in Soho, go to Broadwick Street where you’ll find a village pump

Conversations in a cab

February 14, 2016

Punters have certain behaviours when it comes to entering a cab

Molesworth Lodge

January 16, 2016

Victoria Park known as ‘Memorial to the Sovereign’, which the Queen visited personally in 1873, was laid out in 1845-50

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