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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work

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Sir Ian Botham

Sir Ian Botham OBE is a former England test cricket captain, a genuine all rounder with 14 centuries and 383 wickets in test cricket. Nicknamed Beefy, Sir Ian has used Radio Taxis for many years.

As he comments,

“The drivers know their way far better than any satnav and licensed taxis can use the bus lanes, so it’s always a fast delivery to my destination. Since a taxi is a specialist vehicle there is privacy in the back if I need to think or talk on the phone. Of course if I do chat with the driver, there is always plenty to talk about as every one of them seems to be an expert on cricket! It’s also nice to work with a company that shares my own values, manages their CO2 emissions carefully and participates in fund raising events."

Prue Leith

Prue Leith CBE is a novelist, restaurateur, caterer and cookery writer. Born in South Africa she has spent most of her working life in London and has been a Radio Taxis client since 1969.

Asked why she has used Radio Taxis for many years, Prue’s response is admirably concise, I’m busy and I’m lazy cabs are perfect!. Memorably Prue once left $500 in the back of a Radio Taxis cab on the way to the airport. The driver returned it, of course.

Sir Tony Robinson

“I use Radio Taxis for security, comfort, to save time and because I don't want to worry about parking.

I find Radio Taxis reliable, and they always give me a call to tell me how far away they are if they're unavoidably held up.

And that's a big plus."

Who takes the Underground to work?

Have you ever wondered how Underground staff get to work before the tube is open and home after it closes? Radio Taxis move the people, that move the people on the underground, to and from work. When the tube is closed, Radio Taxis gets the station staff and the early shift train drivers to work and home again when it closes.

270 stations, 250 miles of track and 1.25 billion passenger movements a year. Radio Taxis and London Underground keep London moving.

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