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Driver Testimonials

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Zoe Flint

“I have been a driver with Radio Taxis for around 7 years. I joined the circuit as both my parents were long serving members and they encouraged both me and my sister to join the Radio Taxis family."

"I feel safe being on the radio as its comforting to know that I can contact control for any help at any time. I also love the quality of the work and that destinations are given, this helps me plan my day ahead. I even got a job to Peterborough on Boxing Day.”

"The staff are always extremely helpful.”

Dennis Mann

“What I enjoy about Radio Taxis is the family atmosphere. They are good people with decent values, commercially shrewd and extremely professional."

"If I have to be in Fulham at 10, I can rely on job in the West End on the way which gives me the opportunity to regulate my work.”

"I’ve never been on any major account job and heard anything negative about a single driver. I would not hesitate to recommend Radio Taxis to my friends, they have qualities that a lot of other taxi companies lack.”

Neville Payne

“I have been on Radio Taxis since 2006."

"I like being on radio because it gives me 2 bites of the cherry. The work is varied cash, account & credit card jobs.”

"The best thing about being on Radio Taxis is the quality of work and being given destinations that help me plan the day ahead. I feel part of a family and I love that Driver Services is an open house, so I can pop in any time to say hi to the staff and have a cup of tea, they always make me feel welcome.”

Phil Feldman

"I’ve worked for Radio Taxis for over 40 years.”

"The service they provide is efficient and reliable, their systems are great and the people in the offices are absolutely first class.”

Russel Steele-Jenkins

“I rejoined the circuit in January 2013, prior to that I had 13 years service; I missed the extra work & variety of account, credit card & cash that the radio offered me, after a few months of not being on radio I realized how much I missed not having a second pair of eyes and ears."

"The quality of the work is far better than your average street work and the plus side is I also get a run in and gratuity on most account work which is a bonus. The best thing about being on radio, is the quality and different varieties of work and having a chip and pin credit card machine.”

"The best job I have had since returning, is going to Southampton and my terminal still worked out of range, just a shame I didn’t get offered a job to come back.”

Lawrence Lau

“I have been on Radio Taxis for over 2 Years, and I love the security of being on Radio. Its reassuring that I am going every week for doing quality account and credit card work."

"I particularly like that Radio Taxis gives destinations on most jobs, it helps me to plan my day.”

"I find the best thing about being on the radio is the security, knowing that there is help 24/7 from friendly staff any time I need it.”

"I mainly cover the Tri Borough accounts as it's work that I enjoy doing.”

Bradley Campbell

“I joined the Radio Taxis family 4 years ago as I was encouraged by my dad who is a long serving driver"

"I love the variety of different jobs available to me and being supplied with state of the art equipment, VeriFone Chip & Pin credit card system and Pay As You Go subs is a great benefit to me. I also find the staff very helpful in all departments.”

"I have had many good jobs from the radio, roaders in particular and I especially love that the radio offers me a job in a desolate area, where street work is not always available.”

Tony Woolmer

“The work they give me is nice and varied. It’s not all account, account, account. There’s cash and credit card work too."

"I joined Radio Taxis because a lot of my mates were working for them, I soon came to appreciate that all the good things they were telling me were true. Everyone agrees the work is consistent and regular and the Sales Team are very active in drumming up new business.”

"Professional, efficient, knowledgeable and accomplished, Radio Taxis are great people to work with.”

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