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Xeta Taxis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mountview House Group and a sister company of Radio Taxis

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Formed in 2003, by a former Managing Director of ComCab, it was acquired by Radio Taxis in 2005 to help establish a “stable” of ground transportation companies after Radio Taxis demutualised in 2004.

Initially Xeta existed alongside Radio Taxis as a “low price” subscription alternative to Radio Taxis.

Join Radio Taxis or Xeta.

This worked well for part time drivers or drivers that did very little account work but wanted a credit card facility and to do the odd “radio” trip from time to time.

It had its own despatch system and staff and existed in tandem for three years before the decision was made to put the Xeta fleet onto Pathfinder, the Radio Taxis despatch system, but still independent of the Radio Taxis fleet.

Xeta is still run independently of Radio Taxis. It has its own accounts and also covers some of the overspill of Radio Taxis – but in comparison it’s a lot less busy than the older, bigger sister circuit Radio Taxis.

With subscriptions at 10% value of fare or a fixed sub of £15.00 per week, this suits most of the Xeta drivers who think that Xeta is the best value and the best kept secret in London.

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